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Multimedia Literacy

This richly illustrated, dynamic text i, easy to use and designed for the novice. It's filled with numerous examples suitable for self-stuth as well as classroom use. Step-by -step tutorials detine, demonstrate, and guide vou through the hasic skills you need to create hypertext, full-color ani-mations. audio commentary. video clips. and stereo sound tracks.
The text's full-color screen prints and photos illustrate how multimedia is used in classrooms. boardrooms. retail stores. just-in-time training. einema. video arcades, government, and industry. Hardware, software. sound. graph-ics, images, interaction. video platforms, commercial products, multimedia authoring, Web page publishing. interface design, application sharinz, presen-tation broadcasting. and the future of multimedia are all covered.
The Multimedia CD-ROM contains mo‘ies that ilhistrate the step-by-step tutorials. Any time you have a problem or a question, a movie illustrating the process is just a mouse-click av, ay. The CD-ROM also contains clip art, music, videos, and sound effects that may be used freely in multimedia presentations.
The CD-ROM's beginning and advanced tutorials demonstrate how to build and publish complete multimedia applications using audio, full-color pictures, and full-motion video. All you need is a Windows or Macintosh computer with PowerPoint® and a Web browser such as Netscape® or Microsoft Internet Explorer®.
A Muitiiit Web site accompanies the text. The Web site contains hundreds of links, demonstrations, and resources referenced in the text. Each month, the Web site will be updated to keep the resources referred to in the book current.


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